Beyonce Has Always Been Ultra-exclusive, So This Orange Juiceor Definitely Isn’t Shocking Us

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As a mega star, Beyonce is considered as great in the music business. She always gives amazing encores at music fests. Beyonce has a gift for dancing provocatively in her music videos. We’d be surprised if she didn’t win a Golden Disk Award this year. Get your Beyonce stories fix here on 100 Celebrity Magazine.. For up to date Beyonce talk, be sure to visit 100 Celebrity Magazine again.

Beware Beyonce, Kim Kardashian! Getting Locked Out Of Inner Circle!!! But really, are we surprised?? Beyonce has always been ultra-exclusive, so this orange juiceor definitely isn’t shocking us! (Don’t get huffy! She’s Beyonce! She can be as picky as she wants!) Now that she’s dating Kanye West, apparently Kim Kardashian has been super excited about chances to hang with Bey.But such a thing is NOT gonna [...] [link]

Beyonce Values Female Friendships Beyonce Knowles Has Revealed She Relies Heavily On


Beyonce is a lyricist that has sold millions of records. She does music fests that have no equal.. If you’re looking for a good source for Christina Aguilera talk then 100 Celebrity Magazine is for you.

Beyonce values female friendships Beyonce Knowles has revealed she relies heavily on female friendships and doesn’t understand women who don’t have friends. Beyonce is “afraid of women… [link]