Ryan Cartwright Is An Alpha Male

RYAN Cartwright may not yet be a superstar, but he’s well on the way there. His audience appeal skyrocketed after playing Gary Bell, the high-functioning autistic cutie whose superpower (or rather, alpha power) is seeing electromagnetic wavelengths in the hit TV series Alphas. Incredibly, he was able to portray the autistic personality accurately while making him lovable, and more importantly, real. As he mentioned in an interview, “You don’t want to play the syndrome, you want to play the character and the person.” This dedication to depth and detail has manifested well in the character, as well as the audience’s response to it.

Before his stint on Alphas, Cartwright also played a quirky scientist in Bones, an insufferable secretary in Mad Men, and a charming neat freak in UK’s Seriously Weird. All of these characters are British, and he credits his sexy British accent as “a superpower” that has “helped open a lot of doors” in the industry. However, his role as Gary Bell calls for an American accent, which he was able to pull off seamlessly. For an actor who has played less than 10 roles to date, Cartwright has displayed an impressive understanding and command of his characters while connecting with his audience on a visceral level.

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